a taste of 6th Sardam’s main event in Limassol

a taste of 5th Sardam’s main event in Limassol

a taste of 3rd Sardam’s readings/performances

3rd Sardam 2015 Sound Poetry workshop (teaser)

a taste of 2nd Sardam’s readings/performances

2nd Sardam 2014 teaser

mini clip / teaser from 2013 alternative readings @ Palio Xydadiko
(not all readings/performances are included in this video)

one more teaser

aRttitude’s mixed media (live reading/contemporary dance) sample

ICY357, in a multi-leveled parking space, Summer 2013, Limassol, CY (unedited video version)

talking about mixed media literature projects (Metropolis TV programme of RTS TV channel, Serbia, within the framework of Kikinda Short Story Festival 2014)РТС+2/1650472/Метрополис.html


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