Maria A. Ioannou is a writer, writer-performer, creative writing tutor and festival organizer (SARDAM festival) based in Cyprus (PhD Creative Writing, University of Winchester / MA 20th-century Literature, King’s College London / BA English Literature, University of Reading). In 2019, she received the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Research Award. She has published three short fiction collections, an experimental mini novella and a fairytale (Emerging Writer State Award 2012 / shortlisted for the 2016 Young Writer Award by the Greek magazine Klepsydra and Enastron / 2nd best children’s book in the Literature State Awards 2020). She is currently delivering creative writing workshops in Cyprus and abroad and she is an ECR Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester. Her short fictions “Pillars” and «This could be a story about people» were nominated to be included in the anthology Best Small Fictions (USA) and Best of the Net 2023 and two of her micros were longlisted in the Smokelong Quarterly Grand Micro Contest 2021 and the Bath Flash Fiction Award 2021. Her work has been published in SAND, The Hong Kong Review, Tiny Molecules, The Cabinet of Heed, Asymptote, Litro, The Daily Drunk, Milk Candy Review, and elsewhere. Recently, she has joined the team of the Limassol Book Fair, as one of the curators of the agenda.



*aRttitude was founded in 2009 by the choreographer Evi Panayiotou and the writer Maria A. Ioannou, aiming at promoting dance and literature in both Cyprus and abroad.


Facebook: arttitude Cy

Special thanks to Melpo Georgiadou (general support) and Avgi Lilli (artistic support), as well as to all friends and volunteers who help us every year!


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