What is SARDAM?

SARDAM, deriving from the word σαρδάμ, is an annual «out of the box» literature festival, based in Cyprus that first started in 2013. The festival presents the work of writers from Cyprus and abroad in alternative, mixed media ways.The writers that are invited to Sardam, either through direct invitation by the festival’s artistic team or through an annual open call, choose to Sardam-ize themselves in front of a word-a-holic audience. The writers that participate have the confidence and ability to expose themselves on the literary stage of Sardam, either by simply using their voice and body or by working with other forms of art and other artists. An important requirement is that the writer presents his/her own original work and actively takes part in the presentation process. From Slam Poetry to live reading with contemporary dance, from videopoetry to interactive writing-related software, Sardam is open to any kind of literary innovation and experimentation, as long as it has meaning and literary quality. Besides presenting evenings full of alternative literary readings/performances in different cities of Cyprus, Sardam also presents exciting literary/performative workshops, as well as parallel events.


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